Since the White Hart in Bratton Fleming closed in December 2012,

the village has not had a pub. This website is for everyone

who wants to see the White Hart re-opened as a pub

at the centre of the Bratton Fleming community.  

To this end we have founded

The Bratton Fleming Community Benefit Society Ltd.

This company has been created with the help of the Plunkett Foundation to do all we can to get our pub back.

Due to the growing number of Firms that have generously decided to sponsor us, and in particular our POP UP PUB events, we now have a new page on this website to thank them properly called our support.

POP UP PUB February 2023


So.... Following the consultation we carried out jointly with the Parish Council a short while ago regarding our joint Vision Statement for The White Hart, we have now taken the next step towards implementing that Vision, which was overwhelmingly supported.  On your behalf, we have submitted our own joint planning application, led by Bratton Fleming Parish Council, to secure permission to develop the site into the proposed Community Hub incorporating the pub, shop and post office to safeguard all three facilities for the long-term benefit of our community.  The planning application reference is 77022 and details can be found here:

It is a top-level application, designed to establish the principle of incorporating other community facilities alongside the pub and clearly identifying The White Hart as a key facility at the very heart of our community.  Planning applications can be submitted by people/organizations who are not the owners of the property in question, and we are taking advantage of this fact to enable us to progress quickly with plans as and when circumstances allow.

Please feel free to comment on the application via North Devon Council's planning portal (link above), but please take care to make sure you are commenting on the correct proposal (and not the appeal being pursued by the owner to turn the site into dwellings).

We really appreciate all the feedback that was provided through the consultation, which is extremely useful in helping to develop our plans.